Rosegarden – The Storm

Vertical Roads :: Rosegarden – The Storm :: Monika Varga :: 150×200 cm

Rosegarden – The Storm
The VERTICAL ROADS series contains the pictures of a spiritual – philosophical era. This painting inspired by the song “My Sweet Mother’s Rosewood”
“… In the folk song singed Cloud Gate is the Magical Gate, what makes possible the transit between Earth and Heaven. Only a few people are trying to open it with crying, praying, singing and other nonverbal voodoo. Some are successful and find the key of Cloud Gate.”

Live Painting performance ‘JACHÓ’ Zlatko Baracskai

4 painters in four corners of the room :: music mixing position in the middle for the DJ :: separate music for each painter :: 1.5.2018 PTE/Szabadkikötő, Pécs :: Music: Attila Dóra, Zlatko Baracskai